Monday, 9 May 2011

Castleman Trailway - Quest #1

This weekend I took full advnatage of the weather and managed to get a ride in on both Saturday and Sunday.
On one of my previous blog posts, related to the Castleman Trailway. Now this is a regular route for me when I travel from Wimborne to Poole via Broadstone and Creekmoor.
But the Castleman Trailway also runs in the opposite direction, taking in Stapehill, Ferndown, West Moors; before ending at Moors Valley Country Park.
Having found a selection of maps, I endevoured to complete the Merley to Stapehill section along the River Stour.
The route started out very straight-foward and was really nice, initially taking in a quiet section adjacent to the river, along a tree lined avenue. This part of the trail-way appears to only be occasionally used, due to some parts being quite narrow and a little overgrown. I assume the footpath next to the river is the more popular route with walkers, joggers and dog walkers.
After a couple of miles, I then had to attempt to cross the foot-bridge. This wide bridge is designed for pedestrians and is very narrow with a large step at either end. Once on, I managed a slow wobbly crossing! On the other side I followed the grass path alongside the river, stopping at stiles between the fields, to lift my bike up and over.
The ride is quite pleasant and pretty flat. Eventually you come to a large final stile that leads to a footpath and onto a main road.
This is where I stopped and then retraced my route back into Wimborne before returning home. A trip of about 10 miles. Full details of my ride, route and stats can be viewed at my public profile (gtrudgett) at 
The history of the Castleman Trail-way is documented and shown in the picture below

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  1. Has anyone ridden the full length of the Castleman Trailway?